Bangladesh is a country of about 140 million people, located east of India and west of Burma. About half the population are of the Muslim faith and a quarter are Hindu. Various religions make up the balance. The Government is not exactly in favour of alcohol, exploiting various devices to limit its consumption to foreigners. In Dhaka in January 2011, I asked a taxi driver to take me to a bar at which I could get a beer, expecting to be taken to a swish licensed bar serving exhorbadently priced alcohol to foreigners. To my surprise, he took me to a clandestine bar, dark and frugally furnished, frequented by Bangladeshis, with Bangladeshi beer (Hunter) and a Bangladeshi made whisky (Caulman, or some name like that) available, as well as imported brands. The whisky cost 1300 Taka (about US$20). But alas there was no Bangladeshi-made wine!

However, I did discover that grapes (in Bangla language pronounced “angur”) are grown in the hilly area of Rangamati, about 8 hours by road from Dhaka. And where there are grapes, there is usually wine. So there remains hope!

Robert would appreciate any information on wine production in countries and autonomous regions not listed. You may contact Robert here.