Robert’s Favourite Restaurants around the World

Olde Hansa, Tallinn, Estonia

Robert’s comment: “Medieval – full of character, history and mulled wine.”

Villa d´Aldeia Churrascaria, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brasil

Robert’s comment: “Brazilian – outstanding caiparinhas!”

Saam Saii, Wonga Park, Melbourne, Australia

Robert’s comment: “Thai – a relaxing local restaurant”

Mediterranean Marsfield, Sydney, Australia

Robert’s comment: “Best pizza in the world!”

Nicolini’s, Courtney Place, Wellington, New Zealand

Robert’s comment: “Owner sings like Pavarotti.”

Vietnam Restaurant, Adelaide, Australia

Robert’s comment: “Owned by a family who arrived as boat people, now one of Australia’s best Vietnamese restaurants”

The Mighty Oak Barrel, Pittsburgh, USA

Robert’s comment: “Full of character”

Nam Kha, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Robert’s comment: “Royal Vietnamese cuisine accompanied by fine music.”

Sherpa, Amsterdam, NL

Robert’s comment: “Nepalese-Tibetan. Unique flavours. The Dali Lama ate there.”

Porcao, Brasilia, Brasil

Robert’s comment: “The best of the best in churrascarias, in an idylic lakeside setting”

Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant, Adelaide, Australia

Robert’s comment: “Great meat, excellent wine list”

Complejo Cervantes, Loeches, near Madrid, Spain

Robert’s comment: “Superb food – words cannot describe how good this restaurant is!”


Takumi Yakitori, Adelaide, Australia

Robert’s comment: “Authentic as Japanese restaurants come, the food served is unbelievably good, as is the selection of Japanese beers, sakes and other drinks.”