This wine was produced Judith and Colin Dudley at the estate of Parva Farm Vinyard at Tintern, in south-east Wales. The vineyard is situated on a south-facing slope in the beautiful Wye Valley, overlooking the village of Tintern and its historic Abbey. The present vineyard was planted in 1979 but it is probable that the monks from the nearby Abbey, and maybe the Romans before them, cultivated vines on this Welsh hillside.

The wine that I have is a flavoursome Pinot Noir-Regent blend from grapes grown in the open (not in tunnels). 2006 was a peak production year for the vineyard, and the last year of production of a red wine, at the time when I visited the vineyard – February 2010. Climatic conditions over 2007-2009 have limited production to white wines – still and sparkling – and to roses.

Although Wales is not exactly known for its wines, I was impressed by the quality of wine from this vineyard, thoroughly enjoying my booty of the Ty Coch, two whites and a bottle of Dathliad (Welsh for “celebration”, I understand) sparkling.

Ty Coch 2006
Judith Dudley and the Vineyard
Vineyard Entrance

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