This pleasant Sangria is produced at Quezon City, close to the centre of Manila, by Distileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc, better known for its brandies and other spirits than for wine. The wine is produced from Philippines – grown grapes, unlike the ubiquitous Novellino brand, which is produced in the Philippines from imported grapes (I am told).

The premium grape-growing areas of the Philippines are Bauang, La Union province north of Manila toward Vigan, and in Benguet province outside of Baguio City. Baguio City, well known for its fruit wines, especially Mango wine and Strawberry wine, is about 250km north of Manila. The area is elevated and about 8 degrees cooler than in Manila. Most grape production in the Baguio area (and Bauang area) is for the table; only a small proportion finds its way into winemaking. The wineries in the areas tend to be few and small, in contrast to the Distileria Limtuaco operation in Manilia. Locally produced wine is sold at the main market in Baguio – I couldn’t find wine from Baguio in Manila. The markets in Bauang and San Fernando sell locally produced grapes, so maybe also wine?


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