(Autonomous Gagauz Territory): Tomai Merlot Dry Red Table Wine (NV)

Gagauzia, formally known as the Autonomous Territorial Unit of G?g?uzia, is an autonomous region of Moldova, created in 1994. Its name derives from the word “Gagauz”, which in turn derived from the name Gok-oguz, used to describe descendants of the Turkic Oghuz tribe. The city of Comrat is the capital. In August 1990, Comrat declared itself an autonomous republic, but the Moldovan government rejected the declaration as unconstitutional. In 1994, the Parliament of Moldova awarded to “the people of Gagauzia” (through the adoption of the new Constitution of Moldova) the right of “external self-determination”. On December 23, 1994, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova accepted the “Law on the Special Legal Status of Gagauzia”, resolving the dispute peacefully. Gagauzia is now a “national-territorial autonomous unit” with three official languages, Moldovan, Gagauz, and Russian. The autonomy of Gagauzia is guaranteed by the Moldovan constitution and regulated by the 1994 Gagauz Autonomy Act. If Moldova decided to unite with Romania, Gagauzia would have the right of self-determination.

The wine that I have from Gagauzia is of 10-13% alcohol content, and was produced and bottled at Tomai-Vinex SA, UTA Gagauzia, Moldova, in the Tomai Valley, near Comrat, the capital. Labeling of the bottle is in Moldovian (essentially Romanian), with a few key words in Russian. Tomai says that the valley is famous for good wine. “Vine in Tomai is present everywhere – on the slopes of the hills, on the facades, of houses, in poets’ verses, in people’s hearts…”


Tomai Vineyards in Gagauzia

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