ISLA Vino Tinto 2003

Bodegas San Cristobel produced this wine at Finca Chirigota near San Cristobel, about 80km east of Havana. The wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenere grapes. I have not tasted the 2003 vintage, but a more recent non-vintage bottle of ISLA was enjoyable, if not an outstanding wine! Bodegas San Cristobel is the biggest wine producer in Cuba, with production of white, red and sparkling wine.

Wine is also produced on the island: Isla de la Juventud, south of the Cuban mainland. I tried a bottle of Vino Especial de Pasas Dulce (sweet), a very sweet red wine with 16% alcohol produced by Emprese be Bebidas and Refrescos. Not my normal style, but perfectly good as a desert wine.

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